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Case Study
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Case Study

International Service Provider Case Study

The Challenge

Federos was selected by an international service provider to support a major project with one of the service provider’s international customers. The specific requirements spanned three discreet, secure operational environments worldwide. The primary objective was to introduce a single, centralised, vendor agnostic solution which would integrate and automate the designated management systems.

“TDB Fusion’s Federos™ was selected for a number of reasons, including the range of interfaces and the flexibility to customise workflow processes that meet a number of different business requirements.”

Network Architect, Service Provider

Federos Management Systems Integration Requirements

The system integrations crossed multiple functional areas managed by an array of vendor solutions – Federos integrated all systems and provided cross platform automation.

Device Fault Management

Performance Management

IP Address Management

Configuration Management

Support Ticket Management

Federos Deployment: Project Requirements & Use Cases

The deployment of Federos Unified Service Manager was carried out to meet specific project requirements in line with four specific use cases:

  • Flexible, role-based user interface for network management
  • Automation of the on-boarding, management & decommissioning of network services
  • Enable consistent device discovery
  • Integration of designated management systems


enhanced-sla-from-federosSingle sign-on to CASD allows NOC Teams to access & update tickets via Federos, automatic generation of service tickets, speeding up troubleshooting, near real-time availability & visibility of tickets, drill-down on tickets.


better-information-from-federosProcessing requests for a shut-down of a remote site, review & approval processes, execution, exception and error handling and notifications of successful re-activation.


competitive-edge-with-federosIncluding end-user requests for network service activation, automated scheduling of de-activation requests and review and approval of activation requests.


information-transparency-with-federosIncluding capture & approval of a change request for a new device, population of NCM and discovery of the new device in EMC Smarts.

Why Federos was chosen

Federos Unified Service Manager was chosen as the management solution due to its ability to:

  • Create unlimited network views, combining information from any of the designated systems that were appropriate to specific roles.
  • Integrate disparate system information and devices from current and future vendors.
  • Create automated workflow processes that operated across all systems.
  • Scalability. Federos initially manages 10,000 devices across 100 sites, projected to encompass 33,000 devices across 300 sites globally.

33,000 devices

300 global sites