TDB Fusion helps you integrate, automate and optimise your IT and business operations. With Federos, the unified management platform, we can integrate your existing  IT management products (from any vendor), automate both simple tasks and complex workflows and provide a single unified interface for control and management. Benefits include improvements in operational efficiency, higher levels of productivity and increased agility and flexibility.


“TDB Fusion’s Federos™ brings DCIM, IT and business management together”

Andy Lawrence, VP Research


Data Centre & CoLocation Providers

Data Centre and CoLocation providers are seeing a changing market including pressure on pricing, changing nature of the data centre and fierce competition. In this climate you need to set yourself aside and Federos provides the key solution. By integrating all aspects of data centre operation, cloud business services and on-premise information displays, control can be given to the customer. Transparency and control enable you to empower customers and differentiate your services.

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Financial Services

Immediate response is the key service requirement in all Financial Services operations. But the pressure mounts when integration of services and devices, onboarding of network services, security and support are added to the business requirements. Federos’ integration capabilities easily manage the key requirements and when the workflow and orchestration are implemented overheads are reduced, response is increased and the tailored dashboard information display provides role based control.

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Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers are often battling against the limitations of running legacy, point solutions without the resources or desire to implement a major systems refresh – and manage the disruption and anguish that can result. We utilise a unified service management strategy to remove this barrier and allow our service provider customers to leverage, rather than replace, existing investments in technology.

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Enterprises & Government

With a commitment to long-term business – and an enviable reputation for first class support – we’ve become trusted technical advisors to CIOs around the world. Whether we’re helping them to achieve service differentiation, operational control and increased efficiencies or delivering a complex strategic vision in an increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing marketplace, they know we can help them make a difference.

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  • Unified, correlated, role-based portal
  • Reduced costs through process automation
  • Integration of multi-vendor business systems
  • Improved customer and business services

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Global Cloud Xchange relies on Federos to integrate global business processes across disparate Operational Support Systems

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VIRTUS Data Centres uses FederosTM to deliver client transparency and control