Tim Eltze appointed as CFO at TDB Fusion

Posted by TDB Fusion, on 25 Jan 2017


Tim Eltze joins TDB Fusion Limited as CFO responsible for corporate financial management.

Tim brings over two decades of extensive business knowledge to TDB from the technology sector including senior positions at Expansys Plc, a global online technology business, holding the positions of President of Expansys (USA) based in Chicgao and Group Chief Operating Officer. Previous to Expansys he was the Chief Operating Officer at Data Select Limited, one of the UK’s leading distributors of mobile phones, and Network Solutions where […]


Federos™ Unified Service Manager Product Suite extends support for ServiceNow, CA Service Desk, and Autotask Service Management

Posted by TDB Fusion, on 09 Jan 2017


Version 3.6 of our Federos Product Suite introduces new functionality for ServiceNow, CA Service Desk, and Autotask Service Management, in addition to enhanced reporting features.

Federos is utilised by organisations to streamline operations, integrating information from IT, Network, Data Centre, and Cloud management systems to provide centralised automation and visualisation of vendor agnostic management systems. Existing users of Federos include a Tier 1 Bank, Fujitsu, GEO Networks, Global Cloud Xchange, and VIRTUS Data Centres.

Commenting on the announcement Colin Aurelius, TDB […]


Information. Information. Information. Is that all a data centre manager needs?

Posted by TDB Fusion, on 26 Oct 2016

We’re told by all the leading analysts that successful data centres revolve around information. But that’s not where it ends; merely having the information without any processing is like joining a gym and then not going – there are no benefits, just expense.

Yes, we need information but it has to be meaningful and it has to guide you.

As any services manager knows, the amount of information available from on-premise systems, environmental controls, hosted data centres, SaaS applications and cloud resources […]